Tax Resolution Services in Dallas

If you are looking to resolve tax-related issues in a swift and fully compliant manner, we invite you to contact the esteemed tax resolution specialists at Merit Tax Group. Skilled in business and personal tax resolution, we are here to resolve matters big and small. From IRS audits and appeals to asset seizures, we handle it all.

We believe there are no problems we cannot resolve. After sitting down for a consultation with our dedicated agents, you will start to feel the same way. Dial (972) 525-0991 to speak with one of our representatives today. Together we will restore your peace of mind. 

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Tax Resolution for Individuals and Businesses

We provide tax resolution services, tax representation, and guidance to clients of all distinctions. Over the years, we have advocated on behalf of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyday families.

It doesn’t matter whether you are facing an IRS audit, or you are unhappy with the IRS’s decision to levy your bank accounts. We take a custom approach to every situation, ensuring we strike an agreement that suits you today, tomorrow, and many years in the future.

Helping Local Businesses

We believe that the business professionals in our region need adequate representation when negotiating with the IRS. When you find yourself needing help during your financial restructuring process, let us be the ones you call.

Personal Tax Resolution 

Did you fall behind on your taxes over the last few years? Are you currently speaking with a revenue officer, but you are not sure what options are available to you? Let us be the ones to assist you during this trying time.

Put your tax troubles to rest today. Contact our offices now to speak with a valued agent.

Audits, Appeals, and More

There are many reasons why people contact our offices. Some people need someone to decipher the difficult-to-comprehend written demands of attorneys, auditors, and other revenue agency affiliates. Meanwhile, other clients need adequate representation during an IRS audit or an appeal process. Rest assured, we can assist you in all these matters and more.

Settlement Negotiation Strategies

There is no reason for you to correspond with IRS agents directly if you feel overwhelmed or slightly uninformed. To ensure the most advantageous outcome for yourself and your family or colleagues, we will instruct one of our tax specialists to communicate with the IRS on your behalf. They will negotiate favorable outcomes and repayment plans for tax issues such as:

  • Tax interest payments
  • Personal tax audits
  • Tax liens
  • Garnishments and asset seizures
  • And more

Give yourself peace of mind. Let us represent you in all tax-related matters.

Resolve Your Tax Issues Today

We believe that there is no such thing as an insurmountable problem. There are good solutions, poor solutions, and cost-effective and long-term solutions that suit your current financial situation. We opt for the cost-effective ones.

Resolve your tax issues today with the help of our experienced agents. Call (972) 525-0991 to schedule your consultation.

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