Solutions for non-filed tax returns

Our qualified tax professionals possess the knowledge and experience necessary to rectify pending tax files. By voluntarily submitting your non-filed returns through our offices, equitable settlements can be more readily negotiated. Additionally, tax penalties and interest payments can be substantially reduced, helping to restore peace of mind.

Non-filed tax returns incur hefty penalties for businesses and individuals

The first step to rectifying a tax file involves the professional preparation of all non-filed returns, followed by a knowledgeable assessment of all payments and penalties owed. Furthermore, Merit Tax Group will implement strategies to relieve or reduce tax liability. Penalties and interest continuously add up from the date the return was originally due until the time it is actually filed. Delaying the handling of your non-filed taxes will result in the IRS filing on your behalf, with little or no consideration for deductions to which you are rightfully entitled. Managing your own non-filed returns is not recommended in cases of tax delinquency. The successful resolution of tax arrears is best achieved with professional guidance and representation. When weighed against the potential loss of time, income, or more serious financial loss, enlisting the skillful leadership of Merit Tax Group provides actual savings in the long run.

Finding a solution and restoring peace of mind

Whether you have already been contacted by the IRS or state tax department for back taxes owed, or if you are seeking IRS representation for an audit, enlisting the specialized services of Merit Tax Group professionals ensures competent representation, and an accurate rectification of your tax file.

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