Business Tax Resolution

Resolving tax problems for a business involves more than simply negotiating with the IRS. Merit Tax Group provides guidance, along with representation, to help businesses restructure and permanently resolve tax problems.

IRS Audit

As a consequence of an IRS audit, businesses risk over-payment for tax liabilities due to improper representation. Merit Tax Group provides the qualified expertise of skilled tax specialists for businesses confronted with an IRS tax review.

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Liens | Levies | Garnishments | Asset Seizure

When money is owed to the IRS, there are many actions the IRS can legally take to collect the tax due. The IRS may file liens against you, garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, and even seize your assets all of which can be devastating.The good news is that Merit Tax Group can help.

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Appeals | Penalty Abatement

Business tax payers may appeal to the Office of Appeals when they're dissatisfied with the IRS's decision on their tax circumstance.

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